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Official Trailer Launched for Desperate Souls

Horror romance film Desperate Souls, produced by Ann Myrna, has launched its official trailer and finishing funds Indiegogo campaign.

This feature film has gone through a first edit and has an estimated run time of one hour and forty-five minutes. Filmed in central IL over 7 days, it's wonderful to see this 98 page script come to life with brilliant performances by the actors and engaging cinematography supported by intense lighting and sound. Thanks to the entire cast and crew!

Living in the endless void of the afterlife, Moira survives on the lust, despair and grief of men, an existence this enchantress has known for eons as a succubus. Using her exquisite beauty, she lures them with false hopes of relief from the mental pain before consuming their broken souls.

When Moira hears the cries of Devin, a man whose life dances on the edge of a razor blade, she’s drawn to a pain she’s never felt before. Discovering they both found what they have longed for, Moira is determined to keep them together and not let anyone stand in their way, no matter who she must kill.

Visit IMDB for more details including cast, crew, background extras and those with thanks and producer credits. Acrostar Films is a great group to work with!

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