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Ann Myrna is a senior actress in Chicago working in TV, film, commercials, industrial and web projects, as well as theater. She is also a voice over actor. She began acting in high school, spent the majority of her career in Information Technology, and has returned to acting to get more creativity back into her life. She'd love to hear more about your next project! Check back for resumé updates at

Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: Chicago, IL, willing to travel

About Ann Myrna

Special Skills

Piano for fun, Frisbee, fishing, bowling, billiards, ping pong, racquetball, jogging, pottery wheel; Member Chicago Acting in Film Meetup, Sr. Panelist MLC Awards Film Festival

Gary Taft | Andre Boyd

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

Justice Prevails | Draysta Films

The Neighborhood | Harold Ramis Film School

Supporting Actress

Capital Crimes | Mazzuca Film LLC

Supporting Actress

Training & Workshops

Uta Hagen for the Camera, Antoine McKay, Chelletoine Performance Studios

Beginning Voiceover, Norm Boucher, Acting Studio Chicago

Commercial Intensive, Sarah Cayce, CSA, The Forge

Text Analysis Table Work, Ian Frank, Vagabond School of the Arts


Girl Assassin: The Search for Caesar | El-Amin Studios


Supporting Actress

American Greed | CNBC/Kurtis Productions

Supporting Actress


Dream Team Talent
Paige Model & Talent

Empire Today | Empire Today, LLC



Fleet Farm | Fleet Wholesale Supply Co.


Fuzzy Logic Escape Room | Fuzzy Logic


4imprint | Picture North


We Rule The School | Something Old Something New

Web Series

Supporting Actress

What Did Clyde Hide? | Chicago Show Girls

The Strange Case of Lucy Chandler | 27th Letter Productions

Suppporting Actress

Detective Stories Big Jack | Draysta Films

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

Fandom | DePaul University

Supporting Actress

I Wish | Acrostar Films


Harvey | Gallery Theater

Betty Chumley


Next Fall | Albright Community Theatre


Hamlet | Albright Community Theatre


Murder on the Nile | Albright Community Theatre

Attorney Mara/Rich Lady

Miracle on 34th Strees | Albright Community Theatre