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  • Ann Myrna

Ann Myrna Producer of 50s Creature Feature

Ann Myrna is Producer of It Came from Somewhere - A Faux Film. This feature-length film is being created in the style of 1950s creature feature films. The film is currently in pre-production with filming planned for September in central Illinois. Thanks go out to Acrostar Films for working with Ann not only as Producer but also for the role of Dolores in the film.

"It's always a great pleasure to work with Acrostar Films, an award-winning independent filmmaker based in Chicago. We are going to have so much fun making this film and look forward to it being enjoyed by creature feature horror film enthusiasts!" said Ann.

From Steve Hermann, the film's creator, "The idea for It Came from Somewhere was born one night watching a few episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, particularly the episodes featuring Teenagers from Outerspace, The Creeping Terror and Bride of the Monster. As I watched Joel / Mike and the bots rip these movies I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to make a film in that style, filmed in B&W as if it was in the 50’s: cheap sets, bad acting and a silly creature. So, as a sort of joke, I brought it up to the cast of Trepidity and almost immediately they all loved the concept and jumped on board, and here we are."

"It Came from Somewhere will take concepts from two films: Plan 9 from Outer-space and Teenagers from Outer-space with a touch of Frankenstein tossed in. We look forward to having you join us on this journey as we bring back the days of 50’s B Sci-Fi creature / features in the likes of Roger Corman and Ed Wood."

Please join our Facebook group for updates on It Came from Somewhere.

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