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  • Ann Myrna

Producer, Assistant Director, Actor - Interview

During my second interview with Scotty McCoy, aka Slasher Scotty, we discuss my responsibilities in front of and behind the camera on the 1950s style sci-fi "B" creature feature film It Came from Somewhere. Please watch this interview (17 minutes) and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Scotty is the most efficient and organized interviewer I have met and we had a blast talking.

In the film, I am playing the role of Dolores, grandmother to two of the characters. In addition to being the loving grandma, Dolores is also parenting them, so gets to enforce rules of the house.

I am also Producer and 1st AD (assistant director) of the film. My tasks include budgeting, fundraising, location coordination, script breakdown, props, shooting schedule, call sheets and any other organizational activities. And I will be providing craft services so the cast and crew stay hydrated and fed.

Filming begins September 8. For behind the scenes clips and other news, please join our Facebook group!

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